About Us

Our History

Gu's Dumplings at Krog Street Market is a smaller version of Gu's Bistro, our full service authentic Szechuan restaurant previously located on Buford Highway.  Many of our customers complained about the long drive to Buford Highway from downtown Atlanta, so we decided to accommodate these customers.  Since our Zhong Style Dumplings and Chengdu Cold Noodle dishes have received overwhelming recognition, we decided to open a smaller version of Gu's Bistro that focuses on dumplings and noodles.  We offer more dumpling filling choices, a few noodle dishes, and some of your favorites from Gu's Bistro. Keep on the lookout as we plan to open a new location of Gu's Dumplings in fall of 2018 at Halcyon in Forsyth County.